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Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit features a unique Turtle Wax process. It helps to restores dull, yellowed headlights to like-new condition in less than 5 minutes per lens. The lens clarifying compound quickly removes surface discoloration and may be all that is needed to restore clarity. Three multi-stage wet restoration pads allows to focus on deeper discoloration and scratches to restore the lens to like new condition. No buffers or battery-operated machinery is required. Each kit includes 3 restoration pads of various grits (2400 to 8000), 4 ounces of spray lubricant, 4 ounces of lens clarifying compound and a 4 inch x 4 inch lens sealing wipe.

List Price:$11.99


You save:$1.86

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Fix-A-Windshield Do-It-Yourself Windshield Repair Kit repairs chips and cracks quickly and easily!

  • Minimizes the appearance, and stops the spread of chips and cracks in your windshield.
  • Easy to use – takes only minutes!
  • Product removes air from the break, fills it with a durable resin, and makes it even stronger than before.
  • The repair is almost invisible
  • Kit includes:1 gram bottle of repair resin, repair device, curing strips, sleeve razor blade, and instruction sheet
  • Kit is good for multiple repairs

    By the makers of Fix-A-Flat

    List Price:$9.99

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    Your headlight lens is an engineered system and needs to be properly restored for best performance. The Sylvania headlight restoration kit uses exclusive technology to restore hazy and sun damaged headlight lenses. This easy-to-use kit provides clarity and durable, long lasting protection in less than 30 minutes.

    List Price:$24.99


    You save:$2.32

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    The Blue Star Do-it-Yourself Windshield Crack Repair system is specifically designed for the average vehicle owner to easily perform a professional repair on a chip damaged windshield.

    Blue Star’s Advanced Method for windshield repair contains a special deep penetrating resin requiring sunlight to cure. It will prevent stone damage from spreading avoiding windshield replacement.

    Please note this will NOT make the crack disappear, it stops it from further spreading. It will however may lighten the color of some chips and cracks.

    This kit does one repair total!

    List Price:$5.99


    You save:$4.80

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    Over time, headlight lenses become oxidized rendering them hazy and yellow. This causes headlights to shine less brightly, which is dangerous for you and other drivers. The Rain-X kit provides everything needed to restore your oxidized and/or yellow headlight lenses. Multi-step kit provides a deeper cleaning process than single step products. This kit also saves money: Don’t replace headlights when you can restore them.

    List Price:$14.99


    You save:$1.65

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    The Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to quickly and safely restore, maintain and protect all types of smooth, shiny plastic and acrylic headlights to crystal clarity. It easily cleans away yellowing and stains, and even buffs out unsightly hairline scratches, smudges and flaws in a single step. The included PowerPlastic Polish restores crystal clarity, leaving a tough protective oxidation-inhibiting polymer layer to guard against future degradation from the elements. This kit includes one polishing tool, an 8-ounce bottle of PowerPlastic formula, two restoration pads, and a 15-inch x 15-inch microfiber towel.

    List Price:$28.99


    You save:$4.61

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    This “how to” guide will show you effective techniques to create a profitable windshield repair business even during these uncertain economic times. As a result of reading this guide, you will learn tips and tricks to help you start your business with minimal investment. You will learn how to correctly choose your company’s legal structure. You will also learn what mistakes new business owners make and how to avoid them! If you’re interested in earning more money, quickly, this is the guide for you. In addition to time saving tips, highly effective marketing ideas, and insider business secrets, you will also get an easy to understand step-by-step plan of action that takes away the usual insecurity of starting your own business. Get on the road to being your own boss and order today.

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    Stoner Invisible Glass Windshield Chip Repair Kit utilizes the same resins used by professional windshield repair technicians. It helps to prevents small windshield chips from spreading into more damage and potentially costing a new windshield So it completely eliminates any concern about the repair causing more damage. Each kit contains everything required to fix windshield damage from rocks, stones and other debris.

    List Price:$16.99


    You save:$3.74

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