Symtech Bright Solutions Headlamp Platinum Series Restoration Kit

Bright Solutions Headlamp Restoration Platinum Series Kit restores discolored or foggy headlamps on up to 70 vehicles and comes in a reusable 12 inch toolbox. Geared towards the service professional, the Platinum Series Kit utilizes a 3 inch orbital sander to speed up the process. It is recommended that you mask off around the headlight with masking tape to prevent any damage to paint or chrome from the sander. Just three simple steps are all that stands between your customers and improved nighttime driving visibility, as well as greatly improving the look of their vehicle. Your customer’s headlamps will not only shine like new, but they will also perform like new, shining up to 100 percent brighter than before the service with up to 80 percent more light on the road. Your customer’s headlamps will hold their like new appearance and performance for years thanks to Bright Solutions patented process that not only cleans, but seals the headlamp from the elements, providing years of clear nighttime driving visibility. This final step of sealing the headlamp is what separates Bright Solutions Headlamp Cleaner/Restorer from all others on the market. The Platinum Series kit comes complete with the following items, water base pretreatment, headlight cleaner / polish, shine restorer, orbital sander, sanding discs, polishing pad and 12 inch toolbox.

List Price:$561.40


You save:$202.90

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