Apple iPhone 3.5mm to Car Audio Aux Jack

Stereo 3.5mm Jack to Stereo 3.5 mm jack Linking Retractable Cable fits Apple iPhone/ iPod/ Nano/ MP3 player/ Blackberry Curve/ 8300/ 8320/ Laptop/ DVD player/ CD player etc.Perfect Stereo patch cord for stereo device input into car stereo systems with a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) audio jack! Custom designed to fit Apple iPhone/ iPod/ Nano/ Blackberry Curve. Listen to your tunes on the go with this iPhone ready retractable auxiliary cable. The stereo 3.5 mm jack fits directly into the iPhone/ iPod unique 3.5mm port and connects it directly to your vehicle’s auxiliary port or any other stereo device that features a 3.5 mm Auxiliary Jack. For proper cable function plug the longer retractable cable (Cable End w/ 2 black Rings on Jack) into the iPhone/ iPod recessed port and the shorter retractable cable (Cable End w/ 2 Black Rings on Jack) into the auxiliary port of the in-vehicle stereo. Our one year warranty is fast and easy if you should ever need it. Supported Models and Categories:Apple iPhone Cell Phone Accessories

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