HID bulbs are simply designed using a different technology to produce the light. Instead of a fine piece of wire filament, the light comes from a glass chamber of gas with no filament. Thus, road bumps and shock cannot damage the lamp. Our kit is one of the most bright on the market! Your eyes will be amazed how much better you can actually see driving on dark roads.

Please check with your local law enforcement agency before using the HID light as diffrerent cities in the US have different laws regarding the use of High Intensity vehicle lights, or you can use for off-road vehicles and show vehicles.

Product Specifications:

* For vehicles that require 9006 headlamp bulbs
* Color: 8000K (Deep blue)

Note: When installing the HID lights and the ballast, please be careful to confirm the polarity of the power cable. The positive side of the plug corresponds with the “+” side on the ballast.

List Price:$179.99


You save:$133.20

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