GlassyLite is a premium headlight restoration treatment. GlassyLite’s secret is the breakthrough in advanced liquid glass nanotechnology, originally developed and currently synthesized in Japan for aerospace glass applications. GlassyLite is specifically formulated for polycarbonate plastics (used in all plastic headlights) to restore old dull, hazy or yellowed plastic headlamps to a new finish. Right out of the package; GlassyLite includes everything needed to perform this treatment by hand without the need for power tools or experience. First time users has reported an average of 28 minutes for both headlights. There is no other comparable headlight treatment in existence. GlassyLite is a fully R&D product developed specifically for OEM use. GlassyLite’s nanosealant will increase the scratch resistance by over 300% compared to OEM coatings and stabilize the polycarbonate from further UV degradation. GlassyLite is also the most consistent in final results. Independent lab tests have shown superior optical light transmissions, highest scratch resistance, longest lasting results. Do it once and do it right.

List Price:$23.70

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