What is GlassyLite? The easiest to use system to turn Dull, Oxidized, Yellowing and Damaged Headlights new again!
GlassyLite is the worlds most advanced automotive plastic headlamp restoration treatment. GlassyLite utilizes KONEXIS – crosslinking nanotechnology derived from aerospace applications. It is specifically formulated to be used on polycarbonate type 7 plastic (PC7). GlassyLite restores and preserves the optical quality of plastic headlights.
OEM grade headlamp resurfacing package now available to the public as a DIY (do it yourself) kit. Glassylite requires no power drills or tools and is extremely easy to use. This Headlight restoration and protection kits restores all plastic headlights that are hazy, yellow or dull , sun burned, worn or fading.
What makes Chemical this Headlight Restorer and Protectant System unlike any other, is its simplicity combined with industry leading lens sealant. Chemical Guys Glassylite utilizes KONEXIS – Nano-sealant. Which is a special cross linking oligomer that measures 20nm wide and has self leveling properties. The Nano sealant provides a chemically fused bond by cross linking with open bonding sites on the polycarbonate surface. The new layer protects and prevents polycarbonate from degrading via hydrolysis, ultraviolet light, heat or mechanical abrasion.Glassylite gives you everything you need to restore your headlights to like new condition and keeps them that way! You can’t afford to risk the safety of your loved ones with cloudy, worn out headlights. Glassylite will help you protect your family and keep them safe. No more compromised vision because of those hazy headlights.

Included in this special offer:
Glassylite Professional Restoration System
Heavy Cut Sandpaper
Special Polishing Cloth
1-2-3 easy to follow instructions
The innovation is the nano-sealant from KONEXIS

List Price:$24.95

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The Permatex Lens Renew Headlight Restoration Kit renews clouded, pitted and yellowed lenses. Formulated with UV protectant for a lasting repair, this kit works on most exterior plastic lighting lenses to restore clarity and improve light output and appearance. Also contains an attachment mandrel intended for use with portable drills for quick and easy restoration.

List Price:$99.95

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Features and Benefits:

  • Restores “like new” appearance to discolored headlamps
  • Seals/Preserves headlamps that last for years
  • Services 35-to-40 vehicles
  • Easy 3 step process

The Professional Series kit is an economical package in a handy reusable tool box. The kit is designed for the shop that performs headlamp restoration. Kit includes: vinyl gloves, pre-treatment, oxidation remover, shine restorer, deep fill restorer, Sand E-Z sand paper, lint free towels.

List Price:$165.57


You save:$75.58

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Fogginess and yellowing are caused by harmful UV rays which oxidize and discolor plastic. Like sunscreen, Meguiar’s unique Headlight Protectant formula acts as a barrier between plastic and these harmful rays, prolonging the clarity and brilliance of new or restored headlights. Applying this product every time you wax your car ensures that your headlights look new and bright for a longer period of time. To apply, we recommend using a clean, soft cloth or applicator pad, just work the product lightly against the lens much like you would with a pure polish, and then wipe off the residue.

List Price:$7.99

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Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for restoring aluminum and magnesium rims, engine parts, motorcycle parts and plastics (1800 RPM’s)
  • Easily removes clear coats from weathered wheels
  • Creates CUSTOM looks on parts by giving them a polished or a flat finish
  • Restores damaged polycarbonate headlamps (Must use tool at low rpm – 1800 max for plastic)
  • Quickly restores weathered headlamps without removing from car

Reduces cost of replacements. All Buffs have a hex shaped shaft with a Quick Coupling mechanism. No tools needed to switch the buffs.

Kit includes:    

  • Aluminum storage case    
  • Variable speed Quick Coupler Air Buffer 0-3000 RPM (AST3059A) 
  • 3″ Scuff Mushroom Shaped Buff (AST3059-01) – to remove clears and to smooth out rough metals 
  • 4″ Scuff Mushroom Shaped Buff (AST3059-02) 
  • 3″ 100 percent Cotton Mushroom Shaped Buff (AST3059-03) – for buffing in to tight quarters 
  • 4″ 100 percent Cotton Mushroom Shaped Buff (AST3059-04) 
  • 3″ 100 percent Cotton Tapered Buff (AST3059-05) – great for recessed areas 
  • 2″ 100 percent Cotton Drum Buff (AST3059-06) – great for rim edges and flat surfaces 
  • Brown Rouge (AST3059-07) – great for aluminum, pewter, pot metals, brass and other mild metals 
  • White Rouge (AST3059-08) – brings up the shine and all metals 
  • Blue Rouge (AST3059-09) – great for headlamp covers and other plastics. (Do not use on high RPM to prevent Heat buildup. 1800 RPM max speed)

List Price:$140.00


You save:$64.94

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Tired of driving unsafe at night? Is it hard to see? Do your headlight lenses look cloudy or yellow? Now you can drive safe at night again! As your vehicle ages, sunlight and road debris take a toll on your headlight lenses. After time they do not transmit the same light as when new. Here is an easy, Do It Yourself professional product that will greatly enhances the amount of light that is transmitted. Your lenses will look much clearer, yellow hazing is removed. . A vehicle with cloudy lenses is un-safe. Fix those cloudy lenses today! Just wipe it on and wipe it off. You can do your lenses in less that 3 minutes.

Also a great chrome and aluminum polish.

2 oz bottle will do several lenses

See my other listings for larger size bottles

List Price:$3.99

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GlassyLite is a premium headlight restoration treatment. GlassyLite’s secret is the breakthrough in advanced liquid glass nanotechnology, originally developed and currently synthesized in Japan for aerospace glass applications. GlassyLite is specifically formulated for polycarbonate plastics (used in all plastic headlights) to restore old dull, hazy or yellowed plastic headlamps to a new finish. Right out of the package; GlassyLite includes everything needed to perform this treatment by hand without the need for power tools or experience. First time users has reported an average of 28 minutes for both headlights. There is no other comparable headlight treatment in existence. GlassyLite is a fully R&D product developed specifically for OEM use. GlassyLite’s nanosealant will increase the scratch resistance by over 300% compared to OEM coatings and stabilize the polycarbonate from further UV degradation. GlassyLite is also the most consistent in final results. Independent lab tests have shown superior optical light transmissions, highest scratch resistance, longest lasting results. Do it once and do it right.

List Price:$23.70

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Meguiar’s Headlight and Clear Plastic Restoration Kit restores like-new clarity to cloudy, scratched, oxidized and yellowed, uncoated plastic surfaces. Meguiar’s unique PlastX formula works in concert with our unique buffing pad and your drill to safely deliver amazing results in just minutes! No extra steps, complicated solutions or sanding with abrasives that can damage plastic and surrounding paint and trim. This Restoration Kit effectively removes fine scratches, surface contaminants, oxidation, cloudiness and yellowing, leaving plastics brilliantly clear and polished from headlights, brake lights, plastic convertible windows, motorcycle windscreens, helmet face shields, boat windows and more! Includes Meguiar’s PlastX polish, easy buff pad and a Supreme Shine microfiber towel.

List Price:$24.99


You save:$5.28

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