Which Headlight Cleaning Kit Do I Use?…

There are many headlight restoration kits out there in the market. It get’s confusing for the person who wants to use the do-it-yourself method in cleaning their headlights for the first time. What do I use? Which one do I use? How do I do it? I’ve never done this before.

Does this sound familiar? Are you asking yourself these questions? How about this?…Is foggy part  in the inside of the headlight? It looks like it’s in the inside. This is what I get from all my customers that I have professionally restored their headlights. So, where do I start.

First of all, there’s a select few of headlight restoration kits that work, the rest are not that good. They only do 20-30% of the job. You see, a lot of these headlight cleaning kits don’t have the sanding process, which is the most important thing to do when restoring foggy, cloudy headlights. They’re just a polishing creme that you use a cloth to wipe on & wipe off, that’s it. This easy process “will not” restore most headlights out there. That’s why some people say “that doesn’t work”…

The headlight cleaning kits with a drill attachment are the ones you need to buy to get a good start. Mind you, you need to have a household drill to use these cleaning kits. They cost anywhere from $15-$30. So, what kits do I buy? Thanks for asking, here they come.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for restoring aluminum and magnesium rims, engine parts, motorcycle parts and plastics (1800 RPM’s)
  • Easily removes clear coats from weathered wheels
  • Creates CUSTOM looks on parts by giving them a polished or a flat finish
  • Restores damaged polycarbonate headlamps (Must use tool at low rpm – 1800 max for plastic)
  • Quickly restores weathered headlamps without removing from car

Reduces cost of replacements. All Buffs have a hex shaped shaft with a Quick Coupling mechanism. No tools needed to switch the buffs.

Kit includes:    

  • Aluminum storage case    
  • Variable speed Quick Coupler Air Buffer 0-3000 RPM (AST3059A) 
  • 3″ Scuff Mushroom Shaped Buff (AST3059-01) – to remove clears and to smooth out rough metals 
  • 4″ Scuff Mushroom Shaped Buff (AST3059-02) 
  • 3″ 100 percent Cotton Mushroom Shaped Buff (AST3059-03) – for buffing in to tight quarters 
  • 4″ 100 percent Cotton Mushroom Shaped Buff (AST3059-04) 
  • 3″ 100 percent Cotton Tapered Buff (AST3059-05) – great for recessed areas 
  • 2″ 100 percent Cotton Drum Buff (AST3059-06) – great for rim edges and flat surfaces 
  • Brown Rouge (AST3059-07) – great for aluminum, pewter, pot metals, brass and other mild metals 
  • White Rouge (AST3059-08) – brings up the shine and all metals 
  • Blue Rouge (AST3059-09) – great for headlamp covers and other plastics. (Do not use on high RPM to prevent Heat buildup. 1800 RPM max speed)

List Price:$140.00


You save:$64.94

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