From choosing an insurance policy to performing basic maintenance and repair, Auto Upkeep presents the information you need to know in an easy-to-follow format with hundreds of detailed pictures and drawings. This straightforward consumer guide will help keep you safe and save you thousands of dollars. Now in its completely updated second edition, Auto Upkeep also includes new chapters with information on basic tools, repair facilities, roadside emergencies, and hybrid vehicles.

Chapter 1 – Introduction and How Cars Work
Chapter 2 – Buying an Automobile
Chapter 3 – Automotive Expenses
Chapter 4 – Repair Facilities
Chapter 5 – Safety Around the Automobile
Chapter 6 – Basic Tools
Chapter 7 – Auto Care and Cleaning
Chapter 8 – Fluid Level Check
Chapter 9 – Electrical System
Chapter 10 – Lubrication System
Chapter 11 – Fuel System
Chapter 12 – Cooling System and Climate Control
Chapter 13 – Ignition System
Chapter 14 – Suspension, Steering, and Tires
Chapter 15 – Braking System
Chapter 16 – Drivetrain
Chapter 17 – Exhaust and Emission System
Chapter 18 – Alternative Fuels and Designs
Chapter 19 – Automotive Accessories
Chapter 20 – Common Problems and Roadside Emergencies

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As insurance companies raise deductibles, more people are finding that windshield repair or replacement is VERY expensive. Even with the lowest possible deductible, Pitstop allows you a much less expensive alternative. It’s a very affordable alternative that allows you to make your own minor repairs in just minutes for only fraction of what it would normally cost. Why spend $ 50 to $ 100 and take a chance of not having your car for a full day? Now with the Pitstop Windshield Repair Kit you can easily make your own repairs in about 10 minutes for only a few dollars. The Pitstop Repair Kit will repair chipped or cracked, up to 6″, windshields permanently with a resin that is 5 times stronger than the windshield itself.

Please note this product “STOPS” the crack from further spreading or the spiderweb effect, it will not make the crack disappear but it is known to lighten the crack upon repair.

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The no-hassle way for a professional do-it-youself windshield repair – onlu from 3MTM. Use the 3MTM Windshield Repair Kit to minimize the appearance and prevent further damage due to chips, spider web cracks, and star damage on vehicle windshields. Requires no mixing or heat. Safe and easy-to-use with detailed instructions. Kit Includes: Alcohol Wipe, Bridge Assembly, (2) Suction Cups, (2) Phillips Head Screws, Resin Chamber with Resin Chamber Tip, Injector with Injector O-Ring, Bottle Glass Repair Resin, Stick Pin, Dropper, Clear Plastic Film, Scraping Blade, Easy to Follow Instruction Sheet. 3MTM is the world leader in automotive products!

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Make windshield repairs quickly, easily, and with professional results! Using the patented bridge/injector system and a special ultra-violet liquid resin, you can repair most bullseyes and cracks resulting from stone or pebble pings on the road. This kit is called the pro style because it utilizes the same type of repair that the pro’s use, and it can make multiple repair jobs. Repair damages to auto, truck, SUV and RV windshields just like the pro’s do with this reusable kit. You can make the repair quickly, and it really is easy to do. This is the only kit available to consumers that will allow you to do multiple repair jobs! The kit is reusable with additional windshield glass resin. Our process is used by the profesionals in the windshield glass repair business. If you wanted to, you could actually start a part time business with this kit! The kit contains a special ultra violet resin, that is injected into the damaged “bullseye” or simmilar damage. We show you how to make use of the “bridge” which is a device supplied with suction cups and other material nessasary to use it. We call this kit our “Windshield Pro”. Think about it, just one repair can save you several hundred dollars! The kit comes with complete, easy to follow instructions., and like all of our products, we are there to help you if you call our customer support number. Note: Not intended for use on heavy damage.

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The Optinum Kit for the High Volume Shop Enough Equipment to do Two Repairs at Once Operates on 12VDC Power Source The CRL Aegis Deluxe Windshield Repair Kit is for serious glass professionals that demand serious equipment. The Deluxe Kit has a rugged stainless steel and aluminum pump assembly that precisely displays pressure and vacuum cycle readings. There are two fixtures and adapter assemblies, allowing you to perform multiple repairs at once. That means you can double your productivity, and your profits. Everything below comes in a hard wall carrying case. This unit operates on a 12VDC power source. For a battery operated unit, see K1T1050 operates on ‘AA’ batteries. Catalog Number: K1T1051 CRL43 43AGR Master Automotive Catalog, PAGE A218 Minimum Order: 1 Each The K1T1051 Kit contains the follwing items: Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel/Aluminum Pump, Two Repair Fixtures, Small (3/16 inch) and Standard (3/8 inch) Fixture Chambers, Two Adapter Assemblies, Resin for up to 150 repairs, 12 VDC UV Curing Lamp, Lamp Holder, Two Inspection Mirrors, Two Cleaning Brushes, Glycerine, Penlight, Hose Assembly, Pit Fill Kit, Cordless Drill with Charger and Burrs, Supply Box (filled), Training Manual and Video, Hard Wall Carrying Case

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Stoner Invisible Glass Windshield Chip Repair Kit utilizes the same resins used by professional windshield repair technicians. It helps to prevents small windshield chips from spreading into more damage and potentially costing a new windshield So it completely eliminates any concern about the repair causing more damage. Each kit contains everything required to fix windshield damage from rocks, stones and other debris.

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This “how to” guide will show you effective techniques to create a profitable windshield repair business even during these uncertain economic times. As a result of reading this guide, you will learn tips and tricks to help you start your business with minimal investment. You will learn how to correctly choose your company’s legal structure. You will also learn what mistakes new business owners make and how to avoid them! If you’re interested in earning more money, quickly, this is the guide for you. In addition to time saving tips, highly effective marketing ideas, and insider business secrets, you will also get an easy to understand step-by-step plan of action that takes away the usual insecurity of starting your own business. Get on the road to being your own boss and order today.

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