Which Headlight Cleaning Kit Do I Use?…

There are many headlight restoration kits out there in the market. It get’s confusing for the person who wants to use the do-it-yourself method in cleaning their headlights for the first time. What do I use? Which one do I use? How do I do it? I’ve never done this before.

Does this sound familiar? Are you asking yourself these questions? How about this?…Is foggy part ┬áin the inside of the headlight? It looks like it’s in the inside. This is what I get from all my customers that I have professionally restored their headlights. So, where do I start.

First of all, there’s a select few of headlight restoration kits that work, the rest are not that good. They only do 20-30% of the job. You see, a lot of these headlight cleaning kits don’t have the sanding process, which is the most important thing to do when restoring foggy, cloudy headlights. They’re just a polishing creme that you use a cloth to wipe on & wipe off, that’s it. This easy process “will not” restore most headlights out there. That’s why some people say “that doesn’t work”…

The headlight cleaning kits with a drill attachment are the ones you need to buy to get a good start. Mind you, you need to have a household drill to use these cleaning kits. They cost anywhere from $15-$30. So, what kits do I buy? Thanks for asking, here they come.