What is GlassyLite? The easiest to use system to turn Dull, Oxidized, Yellowing and Damaged Headlights new again!
GlassyLite is the worlds most advanced automotive plastic headlamp restoration treatment. GlassyLite utilizes KONEXIS – crosslinking nanotechnology derived from aerospace applications. It is specifically formulated to be used on polycarbonate type 7 plastic (PC7). GlassyLite restores and preserves the optical quality of plastic headlights.
OEM grade headlamp resurfacing package now available to the public as a DIY (do it yourself) kit. Glassylite requires no power drills or tools and is extremely easy to use. This Headlight restoration and protection kits restores all plastic headlights that are hazy, yellow or dull , sun burned, worn or fading.
What makes Chemical this Headlight Restorer and Protectant System unlike any other, is its simplicity combined with industry leading lens sealant. Chemical Guys Glassylite utilizes KONEXIS – Nano-sealant. Which is a special cross linking oligomer that measures 20nm wide and has self leveling properties. The Nano sealant provides a chemically fused bond by cross linking with open bonding sites on the polycarbonate surface. The new layer protects and prevents polycarbonate from degrading via hydrolysis, ultraviolet light, heat or mechanical abrasion.Glassylite gives you everything you need to restore your headlights to like new condition and keeps them that way! You can’t afford to risk the safety of your loved ones with cloudy, worn out headlights. Glassylite will help you protect your family and keep them safe. No more compromised vision because of those hazy headlights.

Included in this special offer:
Glassylite Professional Restoration System
Heavy Cut Sandpaper
Special Polishing Cloth
1-2-3 easy to follow instructions
The innovation is the nano-sealant from KONEXIS

List Price:$24.95

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