Dual Screen-to- Screen 3.5mm AV Cable for Philips compatibility with your for Dual Screen DVD player PD7012/37 ,PD9016/37, PD7016/37, PD9012/37, PD7012, Pet726, Pet7402, Pet 9422, Pet9402 portable DVD player. A replacement Philips 3.5mm AV Cable for your Broken or Missing Portable DVD player 3.5mm AV Cable TIP. To avoid damage to the player, switch off before plugging or unplugging the 3.5mm AV Cable.

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The Blue Star Do-it-Yourself Windshield Crack Repair system is specifically designed for the average vehicle owner to easily perform a professional repair on a chip damaged windshield.

Blue Star’s Advanced Method for windshield repair contains a special deep penetrating resin requiring sunlight to cure. It will prevent stone damage from spreading avoiding windshield replacement.

Please note this will NOT make the crack disappear, it stops it from further spreading. It will however may lighten the color of some chips and cracks.

This kit does one repair total!

List Price:$5.99


You save:$4.80

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